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My Favorite Painting Things!

My Favorite Painting Things!

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I am Lisbeth Stull and I love to create and paint; sharing that love and ability is why I do what I do! I want you to have something that brings you joy and the ability to recharge. Creativity is directly linked to happiness and fulfillment in other areas of our lives...we all need this! When asked how long I have been painting, it is most accurate to say I can't remember a time when I was not painting in some form or fashion! My pan watercolors as a child morphed into oils (I painted along with Bob Ross on public television!). Later I tried artist watercolor and realized did not have the control I wanted, and starting over seemed to be my inexperienced "fix".  I did not have the patience for oils and their slow drying or strong odor. All of these qualities took from my valuable painting time! I loved folk painting, rosemaling, and antiques, so I enrolled in a beginning tole painting class and got hooked! I enjoy designing creative opportunities for the decorative artist to recreate and hopefully transform a simple surface into cherished items to decorate our homes. The overall objective is to make your space just a little bit cuter and pass on skills to prepare your "toolbox" to paint anything you would like to paint! 

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