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My Favorite Things -

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Hands down favorite chalk pencil.

These paint pens are a new "must have" for me! This is the huge set, however they are available in smaller sets. 

Gold and Silver paint pens! Sparkle!

These little resin bees are just too cute! Add them to your art to make a dimensional effect!

Blackwing Pencils are the pencils Walt Disney used to sketch out his thoughts and are still used at Disney Studios. These are my three favorites!

This is wonderful glue! The tiny nozzle and needle in the cap make it easy to use and protect it from drying out.

These Sketch Pads are a high-quality and affordable place to practice drawing and lettering,

My choice for a paper palette

This is wonderful glue and I highly recommend it! 

These are the socks! If you have foot/heel issues I hope they help you like they have helped me!

These are the Multi-Media Pads I use. The paper is heavier and stands up to paint and markers. 

This is a very affordable set of super cute ribbon! Perfect for ornaments! 

Paper Clay is fun to sculpt and add embellishments to your art!

Amazing cleaner! I love it for my glass top stove. It is wonderful for discolored pots and pans too!

Vellum sticky notes! These work great for notes on patterns and line drawings as they do not block the view. They are the best for protecting an area of your work as you can see through and avoid getting paint where you do not want it!

Clear crystals and brilliant color crystals to add the sparkle!

These are a MUST for lettering! The 12" is what I have at home and the 6" is in my painting bag for classes!

Place a silicone scrubber in the bottom of your brush basin and use to gently clean your brushes. It is also good to wipe the grime out of the basin. 

This Rollo printer is life changing if you do your own shipping labels! You will LOVE it!

Click on each photo to see the two sizes.

This is the ribbon I use to sponge over to create a textured effect. Just snip off 3-4" and you have a great tool!

This is the mount that I use to teach and do all of my videos. It holds my iPads for two camera angles.

This is my table light. It is wonderful! Tons of settings and very adjustable.

This is the mat I use on my desk to paint and I love it! Easy to clean and durable!

This is it! The quiet method to dry your paint! Be careful, it is HOT! You do not want to burn yourself or harm your project! You will really enjoy the Ranger heat gun.

I have the floor model too!

This is a Copic marker. It is a professional grade pen, thus the price. It is used by Mary Engelbreit. I like the .1 and the .3 sizes.

These are perfect glass tiles for a palette! Paint is easily removed and it is portable. This is a package of 4.

This is the Vellum I use. It is great to copy with and is reasonably priced!

These are great sponges. They come in a block and are easily pulled apart when you need them. This feature makes them easier to store!

The Yeti cup is my all time favorite. Ice stays 24 hours or more in them and they do not have a wierd taste. If you like hot things to stay hot and cold things to stay cold these do not disappoint.

This set has any stylus size you may ever need! It is larger than the set I have, but contains what my set includes.

Wipes I like really well! There is nothing in them except alcohol, so they are perfect for painting clean-up!

These are my favorite mechanical pencils! They are wonderful!

This is the best cleaner! My oven and glass top stove sparkle! You will love it!

These are the pens I love for tracing! Once you are finished, use your hairdryer to get the ink to disappear! Great tool!

This is the most handy tool! Keep your utensils out of the pot and in easy access! So fun and so useful!

These are the little flowers I love to embellish with!

Hey Dude Shoes! These are the most comfortable shoes to wear for daily stuff. You will love the feel and the support!

This is the best glue! You will love the gel and the hold!

These little sponges are great for edging a project! Very handy!

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