This is a wonderful set that includes both of my new stencils and my favorite stroke brush! My new stencils can be used for backgrounds, borders, and strokework practice. You stencil the design softly on the piece with a color you will use in the strokes and have a soft guideline to follow without pattern lines! See my video on Cottage Caboodle - Lisbeth Stull! The brush is a #2 strokework detailer from JoSonja. It is the best strokebrush I have found. These items are only available together at this point so I can pass along the special pricing. I think you will love these items!

222 Stroke Stencil Value Pack

  • On my stencils there could be a slight discoloration on the stencil from the cutting process. It does not impact the quality or durability of the stencil itself. It is a mark left from laser cutting.