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Sparkle & Shine meets most Mondays at 4pm Pacific time for a couple of hours to work on a project or some skill we have identified to focus on. We work on making our projects and ourselves sparkle from the inside out! You will get a box filled with surprises that go with the session's theme, each item carefully selected with you in mind! You will also get the surfaces for the projects planned for that session. There are 6 projects per session based on size and complexity. Some of the items are for the group only, never to be released outside of the group. You will have early use of all designs before they are released to the the public, if they are planned to do so. Being that the average painting class online charges $10 per hour for each student, this is a great value and a lot of fun! Shipping has been included in the price of the session.

Sparkle & Shine Subscription Group- NO WOOD OPTION

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