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The Painters Playbook is a resource for all painters to find video painting instruction they need, when they need it. The painter new to the skills and the experienced painter will find valuable information and instruction in the Playbook. The ability to view something you need, when you need it in this form has never been offered. This is the first time that I have opened it to new members interested in supporting their painting passion and commiting to a lifetime of learning since I built this tool in June 2022.  Painters with the Painters Playbook have  access to demos, free classes, or content created by Lisbeth to share with you! You have this opportunity to access a lifetime membership for one price. Never an additional charge, but new content is added weekly creating an extensive collection of video resources.  


The Painters Playbook's has an extensive, searchable collection of resources to make painting easier, and questions answered as soon as possible. No waiting for an answer, for the class date, or searching through videos online that may or may not prove helpful. Sifting through videos online wastes your valuable painting time and may not even answer your questions or provide the specific content you were hoping for.


We will continue to make the Painters Playbook a user friendly tool that is updated weekly with content created by Lisbeth Stull - Cottage Caboodle. You will be invited to a private Facebook Group for Painters Playbook Members within a few days of purchase. It will serve as the information hub; a place to ask questions or offer insight to others that are part of the community. It will be the location we will use to have conversations, questions, share success and offer feedback. Painters Playbook is a helpful, searchable, evolving database of all content that Lisbeth has shared through multiple platforms that will grow and evolve over time. Your trust in the resource and the process is appreciated and it is sure to be a tool that all painters can use regularly and find great value. 

Painters Playbook Lifetime Membership

  • Painters Playbook is available to members only. Sharing login information or content will result in removal from the group and Painters Playbook. Content is not to be saved or shared. All content is the property of Lisbeth Stull - Cottage Caboodle and is not to be offered to others in any form by another party. Lisbeth Stull reserves the right to revoke membership to members not adhering to these terms. Lisbeth Stull - Cottage Caboodle 2022 copyright.

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