Cottage Caboodle 
by Lisbeth Stull
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Special Thanks...
​Jamie Mills-Price and Don Lute have been wonderful friends and tireless mentors in helping me launch this new adventure. Without their friendship, guidance, and faith in me, this aspect of Cottage Caboodle would remain a dream. Thank you and I love you both!
Between the Vines
Jamie Mills-Price
Valhalla Laser Designs
Don Lute

Della and Company

Fun and unique tin pieces that offer endless possibilities to the painter!

JoSonja Sure Touch Brushes
Wonderful high quality brushes you will love! They changed the quality of my painting.
Deco Art Americana
My paint of choice. It has a creamy texture and is an excellent product.
Smooth Cut Wood

Wonderful, unique surfaces to paint! I Love, love, love, their truly smooth surfaces! They are ready to paint and ship quickly. Take a look and enjoy!

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