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Dream a little painting dream...

by Lisbeth Stull on 01/24/12

What an fun few days! Thanks so much for your orders, thoughtful messages, and love! I am humbled by the warm reception and kind words...truly.

I was working on a new idea, when it occurred to me...what do you want? Perhaps it is a certain surface; signs, repurposed junque, furniture, laser designs. Or maybe what you really want is a certain theme to paint; strokework, snowmen, Christmas, Halloween, animals. Is there a decorating style that you would like to see more of?; beach, cottage chic, French country, primitive, folk art.

Please share your painting pattern wishlist... I find creative fuel in your ideas and that drives my designs and inspires me.

 Please comment and share your ideas! I would love to hear your thoughts!



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1. Marci said on 1/24/12 - 05:35PM
Your site is amazing!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I am so proud of your accomplishments!! Your work is amazing, and I am truly honored to have you as a friend, and to have your artwork in Nylah's room twice!!! Thank you! You will go far!
2. Cyndy McBride said on 1/25/12 - 09:49AM
For me, it's all about the prims and repurposed stuff.......
3. Graziella from Italy said on 2/21/12 - 01:39PM
Hi just a note to say I think your patterns are great. Looking forward to see lots more. I have a suggestion that might increase your sales especially for customers abroad like me. Please do take in to consideration E-Patterns. I think they are a real time saver. quick easy and fast.

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