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Thoughts after a wonderful Painting Retreat with the Raindrop CHapter

by Lisbeth Stull on 03/26/18

Hello and Happy Spring!

I was fortunate to have the pleasure of attending the Raindrop Chapter's Spring Fling Retreat. The venue and event organization were flawless. Classes were amazing many thanks to Lisa Ludwig, Jamie Mills-Price, and Chris Thorton-Deason! What a treat to paint and learn with them! Many laughs, meals, and ideas shared...just a great time!

This got me thinking about the industry as a whole. I am blessed to become acquainted with many lovely people through painting. Friends that will last a lifetime with more to be found! We all share a common love for the art we create and then get to enjoy the beautiful by-product of friends like no other. So as I think of the industry changes like the loss of shops, the decline in books published, beloved teachers retiring, and access to supplies more limited than ever before, I am sad. Perhaps not for the reasons you might think though.

The fellowship among painters is like no other and I want that to continue and flourish! Everyone could use an outlet to explore their creativity and a new friend or two! The Society of Decorative Painters, chapters, and the people who volunteer all want the same thing. We all need to do our part. Attend events (conventions, retreats, paint ins....), join a chapter or two, share your work with others, and invite others to join the fun! Challenge yourself to invite someone you know to paint with you, or to go to a chapter meeting. The fun to be had is too good not to share! The time is now and it is up to us. Just one more person to fall in love with painting...that is all it takes keep this art alive! Who are you going to invite or encourage to paint?

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