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by Lisbeth Stull on 04/02/12

I love how Facebook has brought me together and in better touch with people from my past. Many may argue that it is a lazy excuse for communication, insulting even. However, in today's busy world a quick check in is time well spent to see a friend's grandchild and how they are growing, see that another's child was victorious in a sport, or, in the painting world, see a new idea shared by an artist. I could never be able to keep current on so many lives, as that format allows. Today I read posts from two childhood friends and it prompted me to blog.

One had lost his father today, they other was remembering a great father whose passing was nine years ago. As I read both posts I cried for them, understanding the depth of that loss. I left a short message for both, and then remembered how much those little messages meant when my parents left this world, and when I grieved milestones with those losses. They were/are powerful and available to read and re-read. I suppose in that show of support I felt love, a cyber-hug!  That is valuble and appreciated. My Dad passed 3 years ago, and my Mom was just last month, for both I will always feel a sense of loss.

My challenge to all of you has evolved from this. Be active in your facebooking. "Like" things, make a quick comment, or write a private message. It may be just what that person needs. As artists, it is sometimes lonely and isolated as we create. This forum is powerful to share what we are doing and support one another. So be a part of the positive force of social can make a difference and be a part of the lives you have touched.

Have a lovely day!



Comments (4)

1. Mert Gullings said on 4/2/12 - 04:35PM
Well said!
2. Lisbeth said on 4/2/12 - 04:50PM
Thanks so much Mert! I appreciate your kind words!
3. Pam Stalker said on 4/2/12 - 04:55PM
the lives we touch are a reflection of ourselves.Know that the lives you touch, are better for having you as a friend.
4. Lisbeth said on 4/2/12 - 04:59PM
Thanks Pam! I am blessed in so many ways!

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