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Let the journey begin!

by Lisbeth Stull on 01/20/12

Welcome to the beginning of my adventure! I have been working on this aspect of my life since July of 2011, when that which seemed obvious to others in my life, became a challenge I decided to take on.

Jamie Mills-Price, my friend and mentor, has helped me in countless ways. Her "push" this summer was what I needed...and for that I am so grateful.  Jamie has made time for me in a schedule that makes her not only a "big brush" in this industry, but an iron woman! Thank you, Miss Jamie, for your friendship, your talent, and your hand extended to this gal with a wild idea that this could be fun! You are my treasure!

My husband Shane is so supportive and has been patient and kind as I immersed myself in painting and creating a website! Thank you Shane for your love and encouragement...I love you!

Mert Gullings has helped me talk through ideas, proofread, and been the very best sounding board a gal could ask for! She, and the Wednesday girls in Pam Stalker's Painting Class, have been wonderful! Thanks so much girls for everything and your encouragement!!!

So as I anticipate my "secret" shared...this website, my designs, and a new aspect of my painting life...I am eager to hear what you think! Please share your thoughts and let me know what your would like in the future!

Release the hounds!

Comments (15)

1. Cyndy said on 1/21/12 - 08:59AM
Wow!!! Everything looks awesome and I am proud to call you "friend"!!! I know this new adventure is going to be a great success!!
2. Renee Dietrich Stack said on 1/21/12 - 09:33AM
Great job!! Very nice!! Congrats!! Hope you do great!!
3. Julie Tevis-Dickmann said on 1/21/12 - 10:51AM
Hi Lisbeth, Looks great! Way to go. I am loving the Welcome nest sign!!
4. Jamie said on 1/21/12 - 11:05AM
Looks wonderful Lisbeth!! Best wishes, you don't need luck, you have talent! :) Hugs, Jamie
5. Tina Miller said on 1/21/12 - 11:24AM
Go Lisbeth! Live your dream. :)
6. Meg said on 1/21/12 - 12:33PM
I am BEYOND proud of you. So many people are afraid to take the chance...love you!
7. Meg said on 1/21/12 - 12:33PM
I am BEYOND proud of you. So many people are afraid to take the chance...love you!
8. Linda Thomson said on 1/21/12 - 01:20PM
Wow Lisbeth, you are amazing. Hope you continue to have great success!
9. bonnie said on 1/21/12 - 04:41PM
you are a inspiration to me and proud to call you my friend...very pretty stuff..
10. Heidi said on 1/21/12 - 05:04PM
Congratulations Lisbeth! Best wishes in your new adventure. I am sure you will do well. Love your designs. Especially the little Ghost Chef!
11. Pam Stalker said on 1/21/12 - 05:08PM
dream big my friend, it is going to be an exceptional ride!!
12. Kelly said on 1/21/12 - 07:31PM
I am so proud of you Lisbeth. You are beautiful, talented and BRAVE. Go Girl!
13. Lori said on 1/21/12 - 09:33PM
Looks amazing. You are a very talented person. I love what you did in Dr. Mulcahey's restroom. The tree and birds are beautiful. Congratulations, and all the best to you.
14. Linda said on 1/24/12 - 04:56PM
Your work is excellent.....I would like to see a little of everything. I do like seasonal...If you do a little of everything, you will find out what people like by what they buy.....
15. Helen said on 1/31/12 - 09:59PM
Love seeing dreams come true! You deserve it. You have done sooo much work for this! ENJOY!

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