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Kindness...little things make a big difference!

by Lisbeth Stull on 09/23/17

In my Monday through Friday life, I am an Instructional Coach. My job is to make teachers lives easier and help to implement district and building initiatives to make instruction effective and fun! In our school we are currently holding a kindness challenge. The challenge was posed to the school to complete 5,000 acts of kindness in 15 days. It got me thinking about kindness in a little bit different way.
There are not a lot of things I can do to improve the world. I am one person. I can make a promise to myself that I will choose kindness and make small steps to spread smiles when I can. Something as simple as smiling at a stranger, saying hello to someone on the street, hold a door open, or offer a compliment that makes a person feel good, if only for a moment, is important. Those small acts are contagious and those people impacted often share the love by extending a smile to someone else. Imagine a world where people were a little more kind, and considered the feelings of others...that is where big change has the potential to occur. It costs nothing, takes little time, and minimal effort...why would we not choose kindness? Pose a kindness challenge to yourself to extend kindness in purposeful ways just five times a day. It will make a difference to others and to you!
Our art has an impact on others and spreads happiness in countless ways. Whether you are fortunate enough to meet with a group to paint on a weekly basis or regularly paint with a chapter, chances are you have special friendships that run deep. Cherish those moments and the people who spend time there. Find opportunities to extend kindness there and to the people who share your love for this art that brings us all together. Compliment an effort to make meetings run smoothly, to organize painting events, or on a treat that was shared that was especially yummy! We all share a love for this art, I hope we find ways to support each other and grow groups of painters that remain "plugged in" to painting communities...a fellowship of talented friends. Accept my challenge and share the love! You could be the difference!

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