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Happy Mother's Day!

by Lisbeth Stull on 05/12/12

As I prepare to celebrate my 47th Mother's Day and the first one without my Mom, I am reflecting on all of the women I have celebrated on this day; past, present, and future. They represent my team of support. The people in my life who love me most, and my world becomes tighter and more comforting just enjoying the thoughts of them!

My Mom and I usually celebrated this day sharing a meal, either breakfast or dinner, and shopped for bedding plants at favorite nurseries. She was a tomboy in some ways and loved a good hardware store and could easily spend hours there. So finding plants, birdhouses, and gizmos for outside was fitting. She loved the time together shopping.

Women in my family have always been a huge support as well. They taught me to appreciate the arts of the home, and to build skills to pass along. Knitting, crochet, embroidery, cooking, gardening, antiquing, camping, painting, and appreciation for where I come from; heritage and history. These gifted, strong women gave me gifts I am grateful that I embraced...not knowing how important they were at the time.

My friends...the family I chose to surround myself with is also among who I celebrate on Mother's Day. The dear friend, and gifted mom to her kids, who invites me to celebrate with her this first holiday without my Mom. My friends who adopted me when I struggled with the realization that I am without my own parents now. These women are there for me through it all and I KNOW they will remain at the ready! My teaching comrads...loving, caring, and thoughtful women who give all they have each day and have some left for friends at the end of the day.

All of these women I celebrate. Mother's Day is more than a celebration for the one Mother in your life, it is a time to appreciate all of the women who have shaped and guided you into the person you have become. So celebrate them and the woman you have become because of them.


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