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Creative Painting Convention 2012

by Lisbeth Stull on 03/04/12

Creative Painting was a wonderful convention again this year! As a school teacher it is hard to get away at this time of the year, but my dear friend Mert and I got to go for a few days to enjoy the trade floor and friends both old and new!

To begin the trade floor festivities, Andy Jones presented JoSonja with a proclamation of "Living Legend" from the National Museum of Decorative Painting. She is the Queen Bee in the industry and an idol of mine and many others. She is gracious, creative, and a wealth of knowledge...I was so excited to hear the news! Browsing her booth and watching her demo is a favorite convention pastime of mine...she is truly one of the treasures in this industry and our world is better because of her imagination and spirit!

We arrived at the trade floor on day 2 and let me tell you it was packed! That is great news for our industry and economy! There were many new things, lots of make it and take its, and familiar faces!

Our first stop was at Vines and Valhalla! WOW! The booth looked amazing! I was so excited to throw my arms around Jamie! Her support and guidance is tireless and I can not thank her enough! Loved seeing Flo, Don, and Jamie's sister Debbie too. What a nice group of people! The new book was waiting for me to buy it and it is incredible! Flo's photos are so well done and showcase Jamie's talent further! The surfaces were plentiful and seeing the finished product in person is so much fun! She is a truly gifted painter...beautiful!

I submitted two projects to teach next year...keep your fingers crossed that I am selected for one or both! If not, there will be two packets on the site very soon! :) I hear that you usually hear either way in the first part of April...better cross the toes too!

This was a great trip and made my anticipation of HOOT this August that much more exciting! It will be fun to visit a new area, a new convention, and paint, paint, paint!

Hugs to you all and happy painting!

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1. Nika said on 3/6/12 - 09:44AM
hi, your designs are very, very beautiful!!!!! i love it..... congratulations.... kiss kiss Nika
2. Jamie said on 3/6/12 - 04:06PM
Loved seeing you too Lisbeth!! You are doing so well! You make mentoring easy, breezy!! I love watching you grow and sprout your designing and travel teaching wings! Fly sweetie, fly! xoxoxo

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