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Choices We Make

by Lisbeth Stull on 12/23/16

Hello My Friends!
Recently I have had a few conversations, in different contexts, where people commented on how happy or positive I am, despite hard times or challenges. One said, "I admire you for being so happy and positive all of the time. How do you do that?" My answer was simple and was one of those thoughts that escapes your mouth before you get the chance to think about it...which has the equal potential to be both good and bad! My response was "Why would I not?"
Let's not be crazy, I get sad or frustrated, but whenever possible I make a choice to be happy or see things in a positive light. That deep seated commitment to choose happy, be grateful, stay positive, brings light. Making time for the good stuff and releasing the bind of the shoulds and have tos I have placed upon myself is freeing.
Demonstrating painting many years ago at the State Fair people would walk by and often say "I wish I had time for that...". It happened so often it started to make me think. My response became something to the effect of I make time because I am worth it. When I hold a brush in my hand every single day, if only for a few minutes, I am a better version of myself.
Life is short. We have heard it, said it, and questioned it, yet as I age there are few things that I know for sure and that is one of them. Time passes and before you know it a year, or decade, can evaporate. How you choose to spend that precious time better count. Make time for those you love and for what you love in your life. For me, painting is something I love.  
Painting has taught me volumes. There are painters that teach you either by their actions or attitudes, experiences or example, or simply by their unconditional love that has the faith that people are good when they do what they love. Sure there are folks that show a cranky shell, or rarely smile, but in my heart I have to believe in the good. Why would I not?
So as we navigate the season think about the choices you make. Make room for the good, for what you love and who you love. Choose to feed yourself with your creativity and be thankful for all that you have. Smile more and think of all of the things you can be grateful for today.
Be well,

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