Cottage Caboodle 
by Lisbeth Stull
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By the Light of the Moon
This festive scene captures the season perfectly! Paint on a surface like the one pictured or on an artificial pumpkin available from a local hobby and craft store!
Lady Long Legs
Fall Fun!
What better time of the year than Fall! The colors, the fun, the pumpkins... the harvest is a time for gratitude and life slows a little from the rush of summer!
This fun gal is ready to decorate your home for fall! She is colorful and brings a smile with her frilly boots and crooked smile!
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Mrs. Whoo-Ligans
​Mrs. Whoo-Ligans is a fun friend for fall decor! She has a fun motif that celebrates the season in her tummy! This is a dimensional piece.

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Crow-Wing Acres
The fun member of the flock is celebrating the harvest and all that it has to offer. This two-piece surface adds to the charm!
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A Hoppin' Good Time
Thus fun gal is having a great time with her froggy pals! 
they are definitely celebrating the season!
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Stitchin' Spider
This crafty little spider is knitting up a storm! Add her to your fun fall decor!
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Pumpkin Butter Farm
Pumpkin Butter Farms celebrates a bountiful harvest! This 12" jar would accompany a jar of preserves that you make for a friend or loved one!
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Whoo Let the Frogs Out
This owl's hat is a frolicking froggy frenzy! Paint this whimsical piece for a fun fall favorite!
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Witchy Poo's Special Brew
​This sweet gal is painted on re-purposed tin pieces. Have fun re-sizing these elements to fit a piece uniquely yours!
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​Sunflower Scarecrow
This is fun scarecrow with the dimension on the sunflower and keeping company with a crow and the corn!
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Chef Boo
Chef Boo is the fun fellow that began this adventure for me! The story is in the packet for you to enjoy!
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