Cottage Caboodle 
by Lisbeth Stull
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About Lisbeth Stull and Cottage Caboodle...
​I am Lisbeth Stull and I love to create. I enjoy spending time with my husband Shane, our dogs, and cats! When asked how long I have been painting, it is most accurate to say I can't remember a time when I was not painting in some form or fashion! My pan watercolors as a child morphed into oils (I painted along with William Alexander and Bob Ross on public television!). Later I tried artist watercolor and realized did I have the control I needed. Nor did I have the patience for oils and their slow drying, I loved folk painting, rosemaling, and antiques, so I enrolled in a beginning tole painting class in 1990 and got hooked!

Cottage Caboodle was founded in 1994. I began to take my painting to another level creating wall murals, painted furniture, and a variety of home decor items. Later I began painting on items with history and character, some refer to it as junk, however I see it as opportunity to be unique, creative, and maybe just a little bit funky! I enjoy designing packets for the decorative artist to recreate and hopefully transform new and used treasures into cherished items to decorate our homes. The overall objective is to make your space just a little bit cuter! So I currently balance my day job as an elementary school instructional coach and my love of painting to bring you designs by Cottage Caboodle! 

I enjoy travel teaching. Please contact me for more information if you are interested in me teaching in your area!
Shane and I enjoying a gorgeous Maui Sunset!
Shane and our pups! Meli is on the right and Kai is chillin on the left! They are delightful!
Meli is my sweetie girl! She is happy all of the time and loves tennis balls most of all! 
Lucy is all grown up now! I just love this picture though! I finally have a cat who sits on my lap while I paint! Love that!
In July 2016 I enjoyed teaching a 2 day seminar at the Southern California Decorative Artists chapter in Whittier, CA. I would love to come and visit your group or chapter too!